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Grow your business, establish your brand, and put organization and security first.

What we do

We are a data solutions company that specializes in customizable, flexible, software tailored to any companies needs. Change data and view the changes live on your users end. Set roles for employees and make sure they only see what you want them to see. Handle any kind of data load anywhere in the word! Have a dashboard where you can see a quick glance at your companies progress. As data management becomes increasingly important so does the need for cutting-edge security to protect its users. We ensure compliance with all privacy acts such as HIPAA, and custom tailor each database and website to our clients needs. Through in house development or outsourcing to database providers such as Ninox, we guarantee satisfaction.Ninox


Who we are

We started this company with the intentions of helping technology illiterate business's find easy solutions tailored to their needs at a reasonable price. We are based out of beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

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